Offsite Data Backup for photographers


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How can you protect against the sure-to-happen hard disk failure?  Some think that a simple second external hard drive protects you from loss; but in reality, you are simply doubling your costs and failing to protect your business from theft, fire, flood, or other business-ending disasters.

What you want is both REDUNDANCY and then BACKUP.  We help professionals organize their workflow into a single centralized data storage device called the Drobo which has redundant failure protection built in.  If any hard drive fails in the Drobo it automatically heals and you never lose data, and you have no down-time!

Next, you want an offsite BACKUP far...far...away.  We provide mirrored, redundant off-site backup service depending upon the size of your data needs.   We also keep a history of your file changes for 60 days so you can retrieve old versions or deleted files at any time!

Redundancy and then Backup

“I had over fifteen external hard my whole studio works off of a single Drobo that is also backed-up offsite.” 
Mark Mabry, Photographer
“The peace of mind & simplicity it gives me worth the cost! This is my system for backup & offsite protection, and I love it.”
Neville Stringer, Photographer
Step 1:
Consolidate your data into one centralized, network accessible device - the Drobo. It can store up to 16TB!REDUNDANCY.html

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Step 2:
Protect your business with our offsite backup service.  Never worry again about data loss!OFFSITE_BACKUP.html


  1. You have a responsibility to protect your client’s images and your business.  We are your insurance!

  1. The best backup is one that you don’t have to remember, or manage.  That’s what we provide!

  1. We work with photographers all over the country to backup their data and protect their business against data loss.